Card Box Tutorial

I’m so excited to share a little paper “book box” tutorial with you all today! I love making cards. Lots of cards. And I especially love putting them together in darling little bundles tied up with a ribbon to give as gift sets! But, I’m always struggling to find a good box lying around to wrap them in. The answer… make my own, of course! I found a design similar to this one, but it was just too narrow.  I like to do sets of 10 cards with envelopes, so I tweaked it a couple of times, and this is what I’ve come up with. Hope you and the recipients of your boxes of cards enjoy them as much as I do!

For my box today, I basically made a card front using the Jar of Love and Wood Words stamp sets and Everyday Jars thinlit dies by Stampin’ Up! In the past I’ve used pretty designer paper, or card stock that I’ve just stamped all over and cut up (Like my Oh So Succulent box above!)  Let your imagination run wild!

Written down, this might seem like a lot of steps, but I promise that if you make one, you’ll see how easy it is!

IMG_6452 (Edited)

Paper sizes for the box:

  • Cut 1 piece 11 1/2″ x 7″ inches long in the card stock color of your choice- I used Soft sky. This will be the “cover” of your book.
  • Cut 1 piece 9 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ inches long in the same card stock color as cover. (Or mix it up. Far be it from me to give you a rule when it comes to creative crafting! Ha!)

Paper sizes I used to decorate my box:

  • Box front: Whisper White Cardstock 4 1/4″ x 6 1/4″ inches
  • (Cut 2 pieces) Front side of box and the outside spine of book  6 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ in Whisper White Cardstock
  • (Cut 2 pieces) Short sides of box 4 1/4″ x 1 1/4″

Ribbon: I cut mine about 28 inches long, and then trimmed about an inch off of each end once I’d tied my bow and made sure it was long enough.

First, make the “book cover”

  • Using the longest piece of card stock, (11 1/2″ x 7″) score along the long side at 5″ and again at 6 1/2″. This has just created your book cover.



Cute little book cover, just like that!

  • Next I took a ruler and marked a light pencil line halfway (3 1/2″) through my card stock (so I know where my glue for the ribbon will be going) I didn’t want my ribbon stuck down all the way to the edge of my book, so I stopped short with the pencil mark and the glue about 1/2 and inch from each edge.


  • Add a thin line of Multipurpose Glue along the pencil line and glue down the ribbon. Set that aside to dry.

Make the box that will hold the cards:

  • Using the 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 card stock, score along all four sides at 1 1/2 inches.


  • Starting on one of the long sides, snip up the score line to the next score line, and cut out a tiny “V slit” of paper. This step of cutting the “v’s” is not absolutely necessary, but it will make your box fit together better when you’re gluing and forming the box.


  • Turn the paper so you’re working on the other long side, and cut the tabs the same way. See picture above. I marked the lower left corner with pencil dash lines to give a better idea of where to cut the “v”. I did cut it after I took that picture. You should have 4 slits in your piece of paper now.


  • Fold and burnish your creases with a bone folder
  • Before we glue the box together, it’s easier to add whatever paper you’ll be decorating the sides with, so set the box aside for now.

I used stamps from the Jar of Love set (one of my all-time favorites) I random stamped leaves and and then glued on die cut flowers. At first, I let the flowers hang over the edges, (paper in the lower right corner) but when I went to glue them on the box, they hung out too far, so I sliced them off, and I think I like it even better that way!


One strip of paper didn’t make it in the picture. I made 4 of these for the 3 sides of the box and the “spine” of the book cover.

  • Glue your strips onto 3 sides of your box. The side without decoration will be glued inside the cover, leave it blank.


  •  Put some glue on 2 of the cut tabs and adhere them to the long sides of the box.
  • Repeat the glue on the other 2 tabs and you have your box!


  • Decorate and attach whatever you’re adding to the front of your book cover. I stamped my jar, burlap, string and some stems and leaves first. I used the die to cut the jar out. I popped it up with dimensionals onto my Whisper White card stock that was already stamped with flowers from the Wood Words set. Next I added leaves and flowers behind the jar, and covered up any stems that didn’t line up perfectly on my jar by hiding them with the flowers in front (also on dimensionals). I wrapped the twine around the top a couple of times, slid my tag on, (cut from Wood Crate Framelit Die set) tied a bow, and glued it onto my box book cover.

How am I ever going to give this one away? I adore it!

  • Add the last long strip of paper to the middle spine of your cover.

IMG_6444 (Edited)

  • Flip the little box over and add some Multipurpose glue to the bottom and back side. Center it on the back inside of the book cover (lay it right against the score line so the spine fits flat against the back side).



If you used Multipurpose glue, you’ll have to pinch the spine together with the back box side for a few seconds to really make sure it adheres well and will withstand opening and closing.


Ta-da! So cute, right?!


IMG_6452 (Edited)

Standard 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch cards fit perfectly inside.



A test box I made when I was figuring out the dimensions. I stamped pages with Oh So Succulent stamps and cut up the pages for the box and a whole set of cards. I really like this stamp set.



Another box made with Crumb Cake card stock, white embossing powder and the Falling Flowers stamp set.


My favorite little boxes for gifting card sets!


That’s it, go have some fun and make a box to store some of your cards in! I’d love to see the boxes you create! All of the items listed above can be purchased from my online store, and I would be honored to be your demonstrator! Or, if you’re like me, and you love stamping AND a discount… let’s connect and you could get 20% off all your future orders and up to $125 worth of product for $99 when you sign up to join my HappyStampin team!

Here’s a link to my store! Erin’s Happy Stampin’ Store

14 thoughts on “Card Box Tutorial

  1. Beth says:

    These are fantastic! Thanks for the great directions. I plan to give cards as Christmas gifts as I have so many. This will make my gifts even more special.


  2. Dawn Besaw says:

    Just found your blog and love it! Love that you are sharing the instructions on how to make the boxes and your lovely cards. I find so many other blogs do not share dimensions, etc. Thanks!!


  3. Cindy Nigro says:

    Erin, thank you, fellow Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, here. Always looking for something to put a bundle of cards in. Beautiful examples and great step by step instructions– I’ll be sure to give you a shout out if I demo this.


    • Erin says:

      The thicker the better. I think I used regular card stock here, and the corners may get a little flimsy if it’s something you use often. Thanks for commenting!


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